Finding the right photography studio

1. Do a Google search of “Miami photography studio” and “Miami professional photography studio”.

2. Check the photography studio’s portfolios for styles of images. Do you like the style? Is it what you are looking for? Do they seem to know how to use light and tone? Do they understand posing?

3. Ask to see more samples in person. Meet with the photographer at the photography studio.

4. Ask to see their studio space before the session if possible.

5. Ask for upfront total cost of the photo session. Avoid photo studios with hidden charges or sitting fees.

6. Check if the photography studio has copy of the Professional Association of Artistic Nude Photographers’s Code of Ethics and ask if they will uphold them including signing all rights to the images to you. (You are commissioning the photographs so have a right to own them. If you are being paid by the photographer for images he/she can use, then you would not own the rights, but since you are paying, you can secure them.)

7. If you are doing Time for Print or CD print out a copy of a Model Release and take two copies with you to the shoot-have them signed before the session begins.

8. Ask for references.

9. Expect to pay for a professional’s work. If the photographer is offering two-hour session for $50, they may unfortunately just be interested in seeing naked people. Professionals charge professional rates.

10. Ask if the photography studio offers to give you a CD with the source files and you can print them anyway you like. Be aware if this is not possible that means that the photo studio is not a professional studio. A pro photo studio maintains the source files and ensures your prints are professionally toned and printed in house to avoid third party labs to process and protect your privacy.

11. If all else faills, call Kendall Portraits at 305-254-1445, in Miami, Florida. Many clients fly in to from around the U.S. and foreign countries because they cannot find someone in their area to create the kind of photograph they are seeking. It’s an easy flight to Miami and could be a nice weekend stay up near Everglades National Park.