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Blog - Posted Tuesday 1 March 2016

chicago photoshoots with alex manfredini

chicago photoshoots with alex manfredini


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Blog,Press Center,Services - Posted Wednesday 29 April 2015
2005 Alex Manfredini Photography Tour

2005 Alex Manfredini Photography Tour

Blog,Press Center - Posted Monday 23 February 2015
Click to view the new website of Alex Manfredini

Click to view the new website of Alex Manfredini

Introducing the new black and white photography website of Alex Manfredini

Fifty Shades of Gray is the new erotic Black and White Art collection of Alex Manfredini. The finest erotica in black and white artistically crafted by award-winner erotic photographer Alex Manfredini. Sensual, Artistic Nudes, Erotica and Adult Portfolios to enjoy the talent of this contemporary artist and his signature lighting (more…)

Blog - Posted Tuesday 2 December 2014

miami glamour photography studio helping red

Miami Glamour Photography Studio Kendall Portraits Helping RED


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Kendall Portraits is an affordable professional Photo Studio located in Kendall providing professional shots, and more for clients throughout Miami and South Florida. If you need a Florida Photographer able to provide color digital special effects or West Palm Beach Portrait Studio shots in black & white? Kendall Portraits is your Florida portrait studio. Need a digital photographer in the South Florida area (including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or West PAlm Beach)? Kendall Portraits is available take your Professional Photography and more. Kendall Portraits is a West Kendall Photo Studio working with people, models, talents, companies, and anyone who seeks some of the best, most affordable and highest quality award-winning South Florida Photography Studio portrraits throughout South Florida (including Miami) and nearby Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach.

Kendall Portraits Miami Photo Studio photography studio stands out from the crowd of professional South florida and Miami Professional photographers portrait studios who shoot West Palm Beach photography because he is:

• A South Florida and Miami Portraits studio who will work with any reasonable budget goal.
• a Miami Photo Studio who provides a satisfaction guarantee with professional photography & more.
• a Palm Beach Photography Studio who works with anyone seeking hollywood style quality fine art portrait, regardless of their experience level or body type.
• a Kendall photographers who is incredible easy to work with.
• one of the top Fort Lauderdale photographers who is passionate about Glamour photography and always seeks the highest quality Miami Portrait Studio shots possible.
• a Florida Professional Photographer who wants to earn your trust & repeat business.
• a Miami Photo Studio studio who never asks their clients to do anything dangerous or anything they are uncomfortable with.
• a Miami Beach Photo Studio photography studio who wants to hear your ideas and make your inspirations come true.

In addition to providing information regarding the many photography services provided by Kendall Portraits, photo galleries, and links for models, portrait studios, make-up artists, stylists, and others, this site also contains advice and tips for models or anyone looking for information to be prepared for a good photo session. Kendall Portraits

Original works of art copyrighted by Alex Manfredini. All Photoshop effects, Images and Designs present in this website are copyrighted by Alex Manfredini with all rights reserved by the artist. Use of the image and/or file is strictly forbidden without a written consent of Miami photographer and photoshop guru Alex Manfredini. Kendall Portraits is a South FLorida Photo Studio providing affordable digital photography.