Boudoir Valentine

Boudoir (Pronunciation: \ˈbü-ˌdwär) is a French word meaning “petit salon de dame”, and it comes from the French verb bouder that means “to pout”. It refers to a lady’s private bedroom, dressing room, or private sitting room. In terms of photography it is a photo of a woman’s more intimate self. It’s a image that captures intimacy, sexiness, beauty and mystery.

The goal is to capture an attitude instead of the amount of clothing used or the lack of it. We need to capture your inner personality and what you’re wearing is just that, an external cover up. It is your sensuous flirtatious feelings that transcend the lens of the camera and the eye of the artist.

At Kendall Portraits, Boudoir Photography is more about personality than on modeling skills. We try to portrait a glamourous woman in a place where she feels comfortable, wearing what makes her feel sexy, alluring, and ready to love. And Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to give your loved one this peek at your sensuous side: the gift of you. We believe that every woman is sexy, even if she doesn’t know or notice. It’s a gift unique to the feminine side. No matter how you looks, every woman should have a perfectly flattering, artful portrait made that reflects that moment in life in which she feels spectacular.

Our clients come to studio looking for a pampering experience that helps nourish how powerful her inner self is, spend a couple of hours having a good time, and love the fine art magic that we can create on their images. Give us a call, book your Boudoir photo session appointment, and bring your girly things, your lingerie, your high heels, your funky stuff, and the most important: your sexy attitude. And don’t forget his fantasies.. steal his shirt, his tie, his toys, anything that gets you in the mood.

We’ll have a fun session at our private studio, with your preferred background music and aromatherapy candles, and you will have a beautiful work of art for him: a portrait of your pretty, or sexy, or hot, or sweet, or feminine, whatever your style is, side.

Miami Photo Studio

The Miami photo studio Kendall Portraits is a top photography studio specialized in Glamour photography owned by award winning glamour photographer and digital artist Alex Manfredini. Photoshop Guru Alex Manfredini is a professional photographer from Miami, South Florida, specialized in intimate photography, bridal boudoir photo shoots, provocative boudoir photography, men’s magazine submission, sexy glamour shots, implied pinup photography, and fine art portraiture dedicated to enhance the beauty in the sexy side in every women. The state of the art Miami Photo Studio is located in South Miami, Florida, easily accessible by Florida’s Turnpike and a short distance from the South Beach, Downtown Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm beach by I-95 and the Dolphin Expressway Highway (SR 836)..

Alex Manfredini opens his first studio in 1994 in West Kendall and now he opens his brand new owned photo studio facility. The New Miami Photo Studio specializes in:

• Implied Pinup photography
• Provocateur boudoir photography
• Glamour photo shoots
• Pinup fine art and fantasy portraits
• Intimate Couples portraiture
• Bridal Boudoir Glamour Books
• Airbrush make-up artistry
• Fine art printmaking in house
• Glamour modeling photography