Sexy Maternity

Even pregnant woman wanted to look sexy even at their stage, and they always want to look beautiful. Glamourous Maternity photography at Kendall Portraits are just made for pregnant woman looking for a different style in maternity portraiture. We capture every mom to be to make them look beautiful and sexy despite of their situation. Our maternity photography package are especially made to meet the needs of a pregnant woman. Who would say that pregnant woman doesn’t look sexy at our maternity photo session?. The reason behind this sexy style maternity photography is that woman sometimes feels insecure when they look dull in their situation and this photo sessions help to improve her self esteem about her sexiness. Continue reading Sexy Maternity

What is Glamour Photography?

Our photo studio specializes in creating tasteful glamour photography mastering artistic lighting. But what is Glamour Photography?.Glamour photography has been a natural subject for photo studios and photographers since the invention of photography because of the large audience there for it. Portrait a naked human body in a glamour nude photography has long been an attractive element of fine art photography. Todays is easy to find glamour photography as a partial nude body in a designer billboard ad or the full nude body you may see on adult’s magazines like Playboy.