Glamour Magazine Submissions

Many ladies love being captured by the camera. Some of them have the fantasy to be discovered by a glamour photographer to develop a modeling career. The big turn on of this fantasy is to be the centre of attention of the photographers and glamour industry. Every year millions of women pay hundreds of dollars to have themselves photographed in semi-nude  or nude “glamour shots” showing innocence mixed with naughtiness, playfulness and femininity to be submitted to online or offline media. But only professional photographers with experience in magazine submissions could turn this fantasy in a reality rather than an expensive and frustrating experience. Continue reading Glamour Magazine Submissions

Glamour Modeling

Kendall Portraits Photo Studio believes glamour modeling is on the rise in Miami and all over the world. The popularity in magazine submissions and the rise of the internet has seen an explosion in the last few years of glamour modeling publications. Glamour modeling are usually associated with current celebrity fashion, gossip and products. Continue reading Glamour Modeling

I admire your work

Hi my name is katie and i’m from the uk. I just wanted to let you know i admire your work.. its out of this world. I model in the uk and i’ve never come across anything as good as your work, your work is the sort of thing i want to work with, I love the way you put together your fantasy shoots it looks so real and your old hollywood glamour photo’s are stunning. It’s just a shame your are so far away because i would of loved to work with you. Thank you for taking time to read this and if you ever come to the uk let me know.. Take care and all the best Katie

Katie Wilmore
UK Model

social network profile photo

When you hire a photo studio service to get a professional profile headshot taken, you want to be sure that that you will get the right image that will represent yourself in Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace. Before your professional headshot photo session, dress and look as if you are going on a first date with someone you’re really interested in. Dress up—but not too much. We recommend you bring a few outfits with you, and we will be able to advise what is the best outfit for the shoot.


  • A dark blue or black dress shirt will usually work great.
  • Wearing a tie and a suit is a bit much. Keep it dressy but casual.
  • No Hawaiian shirts! (this also applies for first dates!)
  • No busy, crazy patterns


  • Dress sexy but not skanky (unless that’s part of your “look”)
  • Don’t show too much skin.
  • Wear something comfortable.
  • Avoid dress shirts, this will make you look too “professional” and not “fun”
  • No big or busy patterns
  • Soft, dark V-necks look great
  • Black always works, and white hardly at all

Last but not least, we strongly recommend that you (man or woman) let a professional do your hair and makeup.