Glamourous Summer Specials

This Summer Kendall Portraits is providing glamourous women with the perfect photo packages the way she feels comfortable, wearing what makes her feel sexy, alluring, and affordable. This special summer packages  are the perfect opportunity to give your loved one this peek at your sensuous side: the gift of you and at a starting price that nobody will beat: One full hour of photography with our artist-photographer Alex Manfredini for only $149.99.

Glamour, Boudoir and Nude

Different sexy imagery appeals to different glamour photographers. From boudoir photographers to artistic nude photographers and everyone in between, the glamour photography world is a melting pot of different styles. For some photographers, it is hard to know what you will eventually want to shoot as you’ve yet to experience the many different paths one can take, so a beginner glamour photographer are usually generalists in terms of glamour photography– they’ll shoot anything and everything related with glamour and nude. Professional glamour photographers know what they love to shoot and what they hate to shoot to develop their very own style.

Sexy Vintage Photography

Unlike the majority of glamour photo-studios, our vintage and pin-up photography books and calendars are just that – unique, carefully preserved glimpses into an era of feminine glamour. They are not flat, made using canned setup, they are true collectors pictures to be cherished or to give as a sexy gift for that ‘special occasion. Both the makeup professional, hair stylist, and pinup photographer that went into the creation of these vintage images, the meticulous professional lighting, and  and the feel of flat-knit fully-fashioned nylons on your legs will be quite unlike anything you will have experienced with other pin-up photography studios. Our pinup ideas are always fresh and funny. Once your pin-up  images has been created, it is extremely unlikely that we will do it again. We treat our pin-up calendars as genuine retro collectables pictures that have been gathered for you or your loved one to treasure and enjoy.  Continue reading Sexy Vintage Photography