Old Hollywood Glam

Old Hollywood Glamour

This collection of glamour photographs was inspired in the famous Hollywood photographer George Hurrell. Hurrell photographed most of the glamorous actresses of his time including Jean Harlow, Norma Sheare, Dorothy Lamour, Jean Harlow, Greta Garbo, Myrna Loy, Joan Crawford and many others. At Kendall Portraits we cover everything from a complete makeover with the proper retro chick makeup and hair styling to easy-to-replicate diva poses. Our Old Hollywood Glamour Photography is guaranteed to give you that all-important creative edge to guarantee a wow effect. Click here to see our collection

Retro Chick Photo Gifts

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Old Hollywood Glamour


The days of Old Hollywood Glamour never went out of style, vintage photographs truly is the style of glamour photography today. Old Hollywood Glamour started with the movies. Old Hollywood Glamour is all about elegance, and vintage, which will always be very popular in the movies today. Glamour needs movies and movies need glamour, they compliment one another. Glamour Photographers take the looks from movies and somehow make it all come together in a very modern way.
Glamour and the Oscars go hand in hand, sneak a peak at Norma Shearer’s polished look as she accepts the best actress Oscar in 1930 for the Divorcee, garbed in something very reminiscent of our twenty-first century style. The basic premise is that everyone loves to go to the movies and see romanticism, and that along with the space age future style stands out strong on the catwalks. In Hollywood the movies will never give that up, women looking very elegant and feminine, similar to what is present from the old Hollywood glamour found in film.



Lights, Camera, Glamour, everything that is old is new again. It’s the Old Hollywood Glamour movies of the past that brings the streamlined elegant look we see in the glamour of today that will always be part of our style. 

The 1930s was the time when women dressed exquisitely in film. If the glamour is not in the movies, you will probably not see it on the commercial photography and then people will not wear it. The movie stars like, Doris Day, Eva Gardner, Dorothy Lamour and Lucille Ball will never go out of style—they will always be here and will always be seen as part of the Old Hollywood Glamour.