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Old Hollywood Glam

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This collection of glamour photographs was inspired in the famous Hollywood photographer George Hurrell. Hurrell photographed most of the glamorous actresses of his time including Jean Harlow, Norma Sheare, Dorothy Lamour, Jean Harlow, Greta Garbo, Myrna Loy, Joan Crawford and many others. At Kendall Portraits we cover everything from a complete makeover with the proper retro […]

Retro Chick Photo Gifts

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St Patrick’s Day is less than one month away, and you don’t want to do the same dinner in a irish pub downing a pint o’ the dark stuff wearing the same old green clover dress. Is the same old program that you’ve sharing with your loved one the last however many years. Here’s a […]

Old Hollywood Glamour

  The days of Old Hollywood Glamour never went out of style, vintage photographs truly is the style of glamour photography today. Old Hollywood Glamour started with the movies. Old Hollywood Glamour is all about elegance, and vintage, which will always be very popular in the movies today. Glamour needs movies and movies need glamour, they […]

Glamour Models

Alex, you are absolutely amazing! Every shot you take comes out awesome. Thank you for the wonderful shoot. You really are one of the best photographers I have ever shot with. Loved it!. Nika