Burlesque at Ritmo do Samba

Burlesque Photography
Burlesque Photography

Isabelle is a Brazilian Model.Actress based in Miami, FLorida. She born in Belo Horizonte City, Brazil, and she a proud Brazilian for Brazil stunning lands, culture, beauty and people. She is vegetarian and a huge animal lover. She has a model for a while, her main business, and now I am going towards Acting, Broadcast Journalist and Hosting. She drives her career on this direction and also anything related to animals. Continue reading Burlesque at Ritmo do Samba

Professional Models

If you’ve ever wanted to create a really professional model portfolio, now is the time! at Kendall Portraits.
But if you want to become a model and have never had models photo shoots done before, maybe you are not quite sure how it works.

Basically, when you look at the examples from different model photographers, you can’t tell which you think would be better for you. When looking for a models photographer, it is really important to find someone you feel completely comfortable with. Because the camera will pick up exactly how you are feeling when each model photos are taken, meeting the modeling photographers ahead of time is imperative. This is a step that many talents skip, which is silly because it costs nothing but your time.

We have four reasons why you must select Kendall Portraits: you will be able to see the pictures “live” in our computers during the photo shoot and in our website within 24 hr., we ill give you copies of all of the high-resolution images on a disk within a few days. We will include One Guru MagicTouch® retouching on one photo for free, and at our Miami Photography Studio]. we allow you to bring your own makeup person or do it yourself. If you prefer, you can use our own make up artist but is not required. Please take a look at our female models portfolios, it will give you a sense of what your model photos would look like. Contact us for a free personal consultation with our model photographers. After you meet us, you will have a good sense of that you haver made the correct choice.

Your modeling portfolio is the first contact a potential client or model agency has with you. This means that your model portfolio images are extremely important to your talent models career. If you really do want to look fantastic in your model portfolio, you’ll want to choose a model photographer you can trust to make you look terrific and who will treat you with kindness and respect during your talent models portfolio session. Being relaxed and having fun during a models photo session produce better images. Because We love what we do, we will take the time to see that you enjoy every minute from the time you begin with makeup till the final model portfolio is created.

You should be 100% happy with the final results. That’s our Indredible Satisfaction Guarantee: we want to built strong business relationships with our clientele, so if you are not satisfied with your photos, we will repeat the photoshoot for free*

Choosing Kendall Portraits to create your professional portfolio, the first step is a meeting with your personal stylist to discuss creative ideas about makeup, wardrobe and different looks to help get you started or to continue with your modeling career. There is no selling involved in this “chat session”. We really care about our clients and e try to do our best to suit your needs. Our certified makeup artist has studied ith some of the best makeup artists in the entertainment industry. They will help you to apply makeup which matches your skin tone and help to bring out your best features. We will work with you to help you to look your very best during your model portfolio shoot whether you are a beginner or an experienced girl model. We will work with you on a personal basis to ensure you are able to create the unique and individual look you are seeking in your model portfolio development: Fashion, Glamour, Artistic, or Commercial. We will make you stand out from the crowd and complement your look.

Give us a call at (305)-254-1445 or email so that we can talk about what you need to create a killer model portfolio to put your best foot forward with agencies and clients. We can gather information about how you see yourself captured digitally and the type modeling markets you are pursuing. Feel free to ask questions as you like about modeling portfolios for women or our female photography techniques until you feel comfortable with your choice.Wherever you choose to use us as your model photographer or not, make sure that your model portfolio photographer is a true professional photographer, check references and take someone with you to all models photo sessions for safety. Kendall Portrait’s owner, Sandra, is present during every modeling photo sessions so women feel really comfortable with us.

Session time for modeling portfolios is always limited so call (305) 254-1445. No one will try to sell you anything and there is absolutely no obligation to book a model portfolio session with us. It could mean a savings of thousands of dollars and may help you to avoid a modeling disaster. If you live out of Town, we will travel to create your model portfolio with expenses paid by client. Call Now (305) 254-1445 to take your first step toward your modeling career.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Boudoir Portraits by Kendall Portraits 
This Valentine’s Day, give the look of love with images from your intimate portrait session. Schedule a Valentine’s photo session at our Miami photo studio, and we will create something special for your true love.

We are offering different packages from Valentine’s dating headshots to complete deluxe Valentine’s packages like our exclusive Valentine’s Coffee Table Photo Books, Valentine’s Calendars, Valentine’s Hollywood Movie Posters, and much more: airbrush makeup with eyelash application and fully retouched images. These special sessions will be available during the month of January and the first week of February.

Cut off date to have your prints by February 14th is February 6th so book your Valentine’s Photo Session right now!. We guarantee an unusual response from your loved one! Call Now to schedule: 305-254-1445


Headshot Photography is probably the most personal photography that will identify you, and makes the people reminds them how you look. It could be a “dating headshot”, a “glamour headshot”, or an “actor headshot”. At Kendall Portraits, we specialize to create the headshot photography right for your needs.

If you’re an actor wishing to audition for roles, headshots are an absolutely necessary part of the process. But If you are new in the show business, the first thing that you must know is that a good headshot photo is as important as a business card for a business executive. A headshot is an 8″x10″ photo taken of a model or actor. The headshot photo commonly focus being almost completely on the subject’s face, encompassing the subject’s head and shoulders.  Other headshots photographs  can often include as much as 3/4 of the subject’s body, known as “three quarter” shot.

An 8″x10″ headshot is your presentation card to casting directors who decide whether a person has the right “look” for a particular part for a role in a movie, tv show, or theatrical part.  A good headshot is intended to market a person as they are, look your age, showing your personality, etc. but from the angle that will accentuate the subject’s best qualities. A good headshot will show the person’s character, offering their potential to cover a particular role tin a show, movie, or runway that casting director that is looking to fill.

Some headshot photographer may claim that their headshots will get you work, but this isn’t entirely true. A good headshots can help you to get the chance for the audition, but it won’t get you hired if you don’t have  good performing skills. The headshot is the only one opportunity that a casting director will have to judge you by. Poor headshot may grab their attention in about less a half second, and that’s all what you will receive from them.  

A good headshot photograph will focus on the subject. Include what is necessary in the photo to show a casting director that you have potential for a part. Avoid to use jewelry, clothing, hairstyle, background, props, etc, that could distract the viewer from the subject. It will be an accurate representation of yourself. It won’t make you look younger , slimmer, or taller. If it make you look like someone else, do not use it.

A good headshot  make the viewer want to know more about the subject. To get that result, you must combine the right lighting, composition, and expression.You must avoid dramatic lighting (low key lighting). Good actor headshots are not intended as artistic headshots. Low key light  could makes your photo a fine art masterpiece, but fail miserably as an actor headshot.

There are two types of actors headshots: commercial or artistic.  A commercial headshot is typically a headshot that  shows a warm and friendly actor smile. And is used commonly for commercial related projects. Artistic headshots are more serious with less commercial look and feel. Their are a more focussed and with a serious tone and usually the actors are not smiling in artistic headshots.

You should update your headshot any time your look or personal style changes from that of your headshot. Your headshot must  to be an accurate and realistic representation of what you currently look like. If you change the color of your hair, have a plastic surgery, etc. it will necessary to book another appointment at our studio with our headshot photographer. 

When you shop for acting headshots you will find different photography studios providing different options at different prices. Take the time to compare the quality of the headshots at the portfolio, the number of  wardrobe changes, number of photos taken, if they have airbrush makeup artist available (crucial to good headshots), and whether or not you wish to hire a hair stylist.

Many people want to pay as little as possible for headshots, but truly good headshots are an investment that can easily pay for themselves in the opportunities they create. Probably, you don’t buy the absolutely cheapest shoes you can find, so when shopping around for an actors photography studio is not to pay for the absolutely cheapest photographer you can find either. 

Check our Actor Headshots Portfolio