Gift for Soldiers

Supporting our troops doesn’t just mean putting a sticker on our car. Why not show a little extra love by sending a photo gift that our heroes will definitely enjoy. Being away from loved ones is probably the hardest time for many soldiers. They will be thankful that you thought of them and chose to remember across an ocean. Helping the soldiers may mean blessing them with a special gift. While there are plenty of ways to help, consider our photo gifts to make a difference in the troops’ lives this year.

At Kendall Portraits, we can create unforgettable glamour gifts and keepsakes with your photos for our Heroes. Like a hardcover photo book complete with customized dust jacket and foil stamped cover. Or a full-bleed softcover photo book, wire-bound to lie perfectly flat. And gorgeous 10.4-by-13-inch sexy calendars. Also we offer museum quality framing and metallic frames to convert your prints in a real masterpiece.

Photo Books Wall Calendars

Glamour Photography Albums

Sexy Photo Calendars
Glamour Photo books are an amazing way to be remembered , and the perfect gift for the loved ones. You can choose from a range of styles and sizes, including hardcover, softcover, and wire-bound. Kendall Portraits wall calendars are 10.4-by-13-inch size and will keep his eyes on you going all year long. Make your photos the posters for every month. Add text if you wish, and even place photos and captions on individual days to mark birthdays and anniversaries.
Personal Cards Professional Prints

Glamour Greeting Cards

There’s no more personal cards than the one you create at Kendall Portraits. Choose from a whole catalog of styles in folding greeting cards or 4-by-6-inch postcards. add your photos and we will do the rest. Order your photos online using your job number and we will print your orders with professional color printing, up to 44-by-96-inch poster size.You will have them delivered right to your door
Metallic Frames Custom Framing

Metallic Frames

Museum Quality Framing
This usefull frames have adjustable picture depth up to 3/8" (10mm) thick .Front protection in durable plastic; safe to use in a child’s room. Can be hung horizontally or vertically to fit in the space available. Available in different sizes. Kendall Portraits offers museum quality picture frame finishes which are custom finished to complement your artwork Photo frames are also available with fillet, buildup, or liner. Liner sizes range from one inch to two inches

Glam Pregnancy

Creating Maternity Memories to Last a Lifetime
We know that Maternity marks a time when life is about to change forever. And we know that maternity portrait photos have always been one of the most cherished of family keepsakes.

At Kendall Portraits you will cherish as much as your Glamourous Maternity Portraits and pregnancy photographs. Our Glamorous Maternity portrait and photographs capture that special moment in time in a way unmatched by others.

You will always treasure your Glamorous Maternity portrait and we capture your best image so you can always be proud of your special picture. With our unique Guru MagicTouch® touchups , your Glamorous Maternity portrait session will be like no other.

We capture that special moment, creating an instant intimate heirloom that serves as a timeless reminder of your Glamorous Maternity. Capturing mood, sensuality and emotion is of the utmost importance, causing Glamorous Maternity portrait photography to be as much of a science as it is an intuitive art. From obtaining the precise amount of highlight and a shadow, to the inclusion of support systems and props, Kendall Portraits will ensure that every detail is expertly orchestrated.

Since 1994 Kendall Portraits has crafted an exceptional talent of capturing the extraordinary in ordinary people. This talent provides us a much-deserved reputation for both artistic vision, as well as a mastery of the digital image manipulation to create your masterpiece.

We combine our personal ability to develop a rapport with the mother-to-be with our technical and professional photographic mastery of the Glamorous Maternity portrait process. This creative process includes: Selecting effective backdrops and props, a MacPro certified airbrush makeup artist to prepare the spectating mother for her portraits, use of various lighting techniques to make the sweet belly look her very best, and much more.

Call Kendall Portraits today at 305-254-1445 and let’s talk about our Glamorous Maternity packages and your Maternity portrait photography session. If you’d prefer to email us, use the simple form on our Contact page.

First Timer Nude

How to warm up and relax your body and mind before your first glamour shots.
Someone says that the fear of death is second only to the fear of be photographed nude for first time. That may be true, but if you’re looking for one of the natural and most basics state of the human being. You must concentrate on the positive results of doing an artistic portraiture to will be the way that you will be remembered. Think of the memories you’ll be creating for your loved one with just 60 minutes in front of the photographer’s camera.

In case accentuating the positive isn’t enough to keep the butterflies in your stomach in line, before you step up to the studio, take time to work through these exercises to help you channel all that nervousness into energy.

• If you’re wearing high heels for your glamour shots, take them off. Now, stand on one leg and shake the other. When you put your foot back on the ground, it’s going to feel lighter than the other one. Now, switch legs and shake. You want your energy to go through the floor and out of your head. It’s a practical technique used by actors and other performers.

• Shake your hands…fast. Hold them above your head, bending at the wrist and elbow and then bring your hands back down. This will make your hand movements looks more natural at the pictures.

• Warm up your face muscles by chewing in a highly exaggerated way. This will help with better natural expressions and reduce the stress (if any) prior to the photo session. Do shoulder and neck rolls. Imagine that you’re eye level with a clock. As you look at 12, pull as much of your face up to 12 as you can; now move it to 3, then down to 6 and finally over to 9. All of these exercises serve to warm you up and relax you. Those exaggerated movements make it easier for your movements to flow more naturally resulting in better glamour photos. Now concentrate on your loved one you’ll be enchanting with your images. Aren’t you getting a warm feeling just thinking about that?

In the meantime, the professionals at Kendall Portraits has been preparing the the scene taking care of minimum details to make your first glamour experience something you will remember the rest of your life. Your favorite music, aromatherapy candles, herbal tea, smooth and pampering airbrush makeup, and a cozy atmosphere makes us unique and setup us apart from the cold and empty traditional photo studios.

Nude Glamour

Nude Glamour Portraits enhance romance and self esteem.
Kendall Portraits is a Miami Photography Studio specializing in creating beautiful, Hollywood style glamour nude and fine art nude glamour portraits for women as they would like to be seen and remembered. These studio portraits are designed to express a woman’s inner spirit in addition to her outer natural beauty.

There is no better way to truly look and feel beautiful than to commission an intimate portrait of yourself with an accomplished and talented Studio Photographer. But Miami Photographer and Photoshop Guru Alex Manfredini also understands that, because of the emotional investment such a project entails, you may have questions or concerns. We are trying to anticipating to your questions sharing with you some information about us that you will find valuable

Our clients are women who desire the very best women photography, women who want a special portrait to mark a life milestone or to give as a gift to a loved one. Birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, weddings, Pregnancy, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day are the most frequent reasons for these portraits—as well as no reason at all. She wants to be seen as very beautiful, elegant, sensuous, and self-confident. This glamour nude portrait will stand as a mark in her memory that will last the whole life.

We create masterpieces that looks like paintings using the state of the art technology that replicate traditional art media. We can render a glamour nude photography to appear as an oil painting on canvas, a watercolor, or a pastel. We are also the only Miami Portrait Studiothat can apply the incredible Guru MagicTouch® technology in your glamour nude portraits based in our artistic female award-winning experience . This technology provides us with the ability to create the look and feel of your glamour nude portrait to suit your taste and desires. The resultant images are then printed on fine-art papers or canvas.

Women tends to be hypercritical of their bodies, and automatically reject the idea of sensuous nude portraiture. Even if you are not a teenager anymore the truth is, neither age nor body type is important. Regardless whether you are 22 years old or 90, or whether you weigh 100 or 200 pounds, Our art photography will capture you as you want to be seen: at your most flattering, at your most beautiful. We will enhance your image with Hollyood Style retouching tips by minimizing any imperfections that may be of concern to you. You are beautiful – we guarantee it!.

Your glamour nude portrait is a result of a team effort that begins with a complimentary consultation at our Miami Portrait Studio. More than just a time for you and us to get to know each other and develop trust, it allows us explain the entire glamour nude portrait creation process and your pricing options; it also permits you to ask any questions you might have. As you share your ideas for your very special glamour nude photography we’ll get a sense of your spirit and personality. During the free consultation, we will schedule your glamour nude photo shoot at a time convenient for you.

We suggest minimal requirements to prepare for your portrait session. Please drink a few glasses of water the day before to aid hydration and prettify your skin. It would be a great time to get a facial. A fresh hairstyle, something loose and casual, would be nice. During our consultation session, We’ll discuss hair and makeup styling appropriate for your creative photography. Even if you don’t normally wear makeup, the camera requires it—and pretty makeup helps you look and feel your best. This service can be scheduled for you with our certified aribrush make up artists . If you prefer to do it yourself. don’t forget to bring your lip gloss and hairbrush for touchup.

Some ladies are happy to be naked for the nude art photography session. Some ladies want portraits in their lingerie or covered ith a sheet or sensual fabrics .We will photograph you any way you desire for your fantasy art. Together we will create the beautiful and glamour nude portrait you desire: be it sugar, spice, naughty, or nice. We will provide ou with a robe to cover yourself between setup changes to make up feel more comfortable whith the room temperature. Artist Photographer and Guru Alex Manfredini, will be your photographer and his wife Sandra will be assisting him during the whole photoshoot. They are a husband and wife team and have been happily married for over 25 years and have been taken photography of women for more than 15 years. If needed, our hair and makeup artist, will be present for touch ups. No one else is in the studio with us when we create your portrait.

You may want to bring beautiful lingerie, or you may prefer that we drape you with yardage of silk or other luxurious fabrics from our studio. Perhaps you see yourself in a favorite evening gown, a cocktail dress, or vintage scarves. How about your man’s extra-large work shirt or his favorite leather jacket? When you arrive for your scheduled photo shoot, you’ll find a warm, safe, relaxed environment that’s been customized just for you. Music helps complete the setting (you can even bring your own favorites to help set you at ease). As nervous as you might be at the prospect of having a portrait created, we do have lots of fun. You will also spend the two to four hours that it takes feeling like a beautiful princess. Your hair and makeup are flawless; your attire is pretty. Even ladies who don’t normally indulge themselves a great deal enjoy the pampering of the day. Your experience with us will be a day not soon forgotten.

You will see and review your glamour photos after the photoshoot. And you can order your glamour prints right over the Internet. If you prefer us to assist you in your choice of the very best image, we can schedule another appointment and we will explain your additional options: a retouched photo versus a “digital painting,” a fine-art paper print or varnished canvas, etc. We will also discuss framing options and all of the associated costs.

We require a 50% of the estimated price to book your photoshoot and the balance due before we proceed on your portrait and is payable by cash, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. Sorry, no personal checks ill be accepted. Depending upon the complexity of the project you will receive your glamour nude portrait within one week or two. We have a strong satisfaction guarantee policy. If you do not love your glamour nude portrait we will repeat it for free (you only ill paid for make up and hair service, if any) It is that simple. Our main goal is to provide you with a portrait that will give you and your loved ones a lifetime of satisfaction.

Excited about the idea? To schedule a complimentary consultation at our Kendall Photo Studio call 305-254-1445 ext2 or send us an E-mail .