Hi Alex,

I remember seeing your work about 3 years ago when I was Scott Kelby’s assistant (before Kathy). I admired the poster with the Matusalem bottle (Spirit of Cuba) and you graciously sent it to me. I framed it and have it hanging in my family room – I still enjoy it very much, especially since I’m a native of Cuba.

I was at the recent Photoshop World in Miami and your name came up, as a wonderful artist and photographer from the Miami area. Your work is a treat for the eyes.

Buena suerte,

Gina Profitt
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I saw your gallery on the NAPP member website and was blown away. As a senior marketing major who dabbles in design, your work is inspirational. Your attention to detail and creativity is amazing.

I looked through your websites and never saw an image I didn’t like. As your awards have shown, you do excellent work. When I look at your montages, its obvious a lot of time goes into the planning and design of them. I was just curious, as a professional, how long does a typical montage take you?

Aside from NAPP, have you found any other resources especially helpful in your learning process that may be able to help a student like myself?

Thank you for posting your images for people like me to see.

Jason Oliver
Webmaster/Graphic Designer