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Fantasy Portraits

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We create elaborate and fun portraits that reveal subjects as imaginatively rendered characters, such as a fairy princess or a 1940s Hollywood starlet. Our acclaimed award-winning fantasy portraits are accompanied by a detailed discussion of each image-from planning the image with the client, building the set, and selecting the right costuming to styling the hair and adding makeup. The technical aspects of the images are also discussed, including exposure, posing, and lighting the subject and set. We capture the base image shooting this in ideal lighting, from our state of the art digital camera, crisp, and taken at the finest resolution your camera can handle.

Every photo shoot is never stuck, stagnant or stale, for each shot is ever new and fresh. I can define my style as an imaginative blend of photographic and iconoclastic imagery, combined to create intriguing masterpieces where color and form brings to life a warm and inviting fantasy world.

The following images are some examples of before and after shots to illustrate how easy and hassle free the photo shoots are.